Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bag of Doom!

Good morning knitters,

I published a new pattern on called Bag of doom.

The idea behind this bag was so that I may carry my yarn ball while knitting a particular sock. (I get bored very quickly) I didn't just want a plain bag I wanted something fun and intricate. One that would take some one's eyes away from the current knitting project filled with mistakes to the bag.

With all that said I also wrote up the pattern as I went along. The name was inspired because I became stressed out at what component to add next to the bag. It became my Bag of Doom. It might also have something to do with the Doom song as sung by Gir on Invader Zim. This pattern is loaded with tutorials making this bag very doable for the adventurous beginner.

OK, I guess that is all the procrastination I can milk out of this; I ought to go and knit on that sock I mentioned.

Next up: Delaina's Revenge.


Anonymous said...

I've never 'gotten' Invader Zim, but my sister sings the Doom song ALL THE TIME. Love the bag!

~ Taleah

Tania A said...

Oh wow .. Audrey, that's awesome! I'm so getting this pattern!

life as I know said...

I love the bag. So neat to knit as a distraction.

Jen said...

It is lovely!

Audrey said...

Thank you all for the complements.